What I believe

As your State Senator, I will:

• Balance the budget, keep government limited, and hold taxes low to attract new jobs
• Empower parents and local educators to create the best education for our children
• Stand up for traditional marriage and strong families
• Defend our liberties and the Constitution (received “A” rating from the NRA)


America is a Constitutional Republic
All work as a State or U.S. Legislator should be done with the understanding that the Constitution severely limits the powers of the federal government. Almost all domestic issues are to be dealt with at the State or Local level, and not at the federal level. I will stand up to Washington as they try to exert more controlling power over the states and encourage all citizens, state officials, and the federal government to respect the constitution.

More government isn’t the answer
Every dollar government spends is your money. You expect government to stay within its constitutional boundaries, not to create laws about every area of life. I want to enable people to solve problems.  My goal is for people to be empowered, and I will advocate for solutions that help people become independent, prosperous, and charitable.

Individual Liberty and Property are to be Respected
I don’t have the right to take away someone else’s property because I think someone else deserves it more. That’s called stealing. Class warfare is based on envy and is divisive. Punishing someone who is successful will not help those who are struggling. I will focus my efforts to ensure that those who earn a lot of money do so fairly by serving many people with a valuable skill or product, not through the means of corrupt special deals or powerful coercion.

The Best Government is Self-government, then Local Government.
Government is necessary, but power is dangerous–On issues where it is impossible to decide individually, let us decide at the local level. On issues where that is impractical or inefficient, let us govern ourselves on a State by State basis. Only matters which cannot, by their nature, be handled by the states, are specifically delegated to the federal government. Even though it was created to decide issues internationally and between the States, currently the federal government reaches into nearly every aspect our our personal lives.  This should be moved back to the state level in a responsible way.

We Divide Ourselves by Needlessly Arguing about the Wrong Things
Too many divisions in politics are caused by people arguing about which way the government is controlling an area of their life. Some want it controlled this way, others, the opposite way. Often the answer is to bring the decision more local so that both people or groups can have it the way they want it!  Let’s agree on restoring our constitutional system which protects and empowers states and people to decide for themselves, rather than growing the power of the federal government.

Freedom of Choice is Only Bad for the Special Interests
Some are not willing to compete fairly and have become accustomed to reaping above average rewards for providing sub-standard quality. When people are benefiting unfairly at the expense of the rest of the people, they will always resist the change. These situations need to be brought into the light and discussed openly. Often people are afraid of change–they claim that if people are free to choose, people will be hurt! What they fail to realize is that people are being hurt RIGHT NOW, in the very system they are afraid to change, and LESS people will be hurt when more freedom is allowed.

Corruption and Disloyalty to the Constitution and to the People Must Never Be Tolerated
We need to stop voting for politicians who will enrich themselves or their friends at the expense of other people. Government is not a career to pursue when you want to control other people or can’t make money fairly. We have to be so serious about requiring loyalty to the constitution that disingenuous, self-serving politicians will be afraid to run. Because we have been asleep at the wheel, politics has attracted the wrong kind of people. If We the People wake up and start asking the right questions, taking our duty as king seriously, good politicians won’t need millions of dollars and slick advertisements to get elected.