The State of the State

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When Governor Daugaard gave the annual State of the State address last week, he highlighted several benchmarks which demonstrate the advantage of having economic policies based on reality. What do I mean by reality? I’ll tell you in a bit, followed by some ways we are in danger of ignoring reality. But first, some highlights.

South Dakota’s unemployment rate is the second lowest in the nation at 3.6%, and we have added enough jobs in the past years to exceed our recession losses by 2.5%. We’ve been named the #1 State for business by CNBC, and we have the highest personal income growth in the nation. One study of photos posted on the internet even found that South Dakotans smiled more than any other state!

South Dakotans recognize economic reality. Our state has a balanced budget, meaning we don’t put any of our regular expenses on the credit card, and we haven’t increased the tax rates on the economy in order to do so. If we would have increased the sales tax by “1 penny” as the last election’s ballot measure proposed, that would have been a significant drain on economic growth, and a state tax increase of 25%.

But there is another constraint that reality places on South Dakota, and rightly so: Continue Reading »

The American Experiment

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Today marks the beginning of South Dakota’s 89th legislative session. As we embark on this exercise of self-government, I want to take a brief look back at how we’ve gotten here, and ask for your help.

Throughout history, the world has been governed by the aggressive use of force. This was no truer than on July 4th, 1776, when the thirteen united States of America declared their independence from the king of Great Britain who was using force to exercise, as the founders put it,  “an absolute tyranny over these States.”

But it was not quickly, or with a desire for war that the founders made this declaration of independence. Nor was it without repeated requests for relief from the taking of their property, infringements of their freedom, and imprisonments without due process which were being done by the king at that time.

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

In the previous quote, taken from the Declaration, the founders are essentially saying, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… It’s a duck.” The king may think of himself as a noble prince, Continue Reading »

Rep. Latterell discusses Convention of States on the Facts

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The playlist below has 3 video segments of January 12, 2014 “The Facts” with Craig Dewey, discussing an Article V Convention of States

Support an Article V Convention to limit the Federal Government!

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I support a convention of states!

Sunday I was a guest on KCPO TV’s “The Facts” with Craig Dewey discussing the Article V Convention of States.
This is a movement of the people to restore your right of self-governance, and I really need your help.

“What can I do?”  I’m glad you asked!
1. Tell me your e-mail address using the form below so I can connect with you personally as a South Dakota supporter.
2. Click the image above for more info and go to to download the free COS handbook.
Together, we will make this a reality. Future generations will thank you!

Your Name:
Zip Code:

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Protected: On the way home from Pierre

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Thank you for your vote of confidence! Now comes the real work, and I value your input.

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Thank you to all my wonderful neighbors, friends, and family for your awesome support on November 6th! I am very grateful to all those who voted and volunteered–and I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as your next State Representative! I’d appreciate your prayers as I take on this responsibility.

As your next State Representative, I want to work even harder to understand your perspective and make sure you are being represented in Pierre. If you live in district 6, Please contact me to give me your thoughts on issues such as Tax Policy, Transportation, Regulations, Education, Agriculture, or issues of corruption, injustice, or waste that you see in our State. I truly value your input and would love the opportunity to understand your point of view.

Isaac Latterell and Herman Otten will be the two State Representatives to first represent District 6 in the South Dakota Legislature. District 6 includes Tea, Harrisburg, Lennox, and portions of southern Sioux Falls.



Thank you for your support!

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The primary election is over – and thanks to all of your support, we won!

But no matter the outcome, I am thankful for the opportunity God gave me to meet so many kind, passionate, and hard working
people! I have enjoyed talking with you and finding that we share common values of freedom, faith, strong families, excellent education, and healthy community.

THANK YOU to all who shared their perspective, ideas, and concerns with me during the campaign. Your insight and continued input in the future are crucial for me to serve you well.

THANK YOU to all who spread the word, put up a sign, contributed to the campaign, and volunteered! I couldn’t have done it without your help, and I am very grateful.

THANK YOU to everyone who went out and voted! Thanks to your dedication to conservative principles and personal representation, we were successful. I thank you for the honor and opportunity to be the nominee on the ballot in November, and I will work hard to understand and discuss the issues in our communities in the upcoming months.

Now begins the hard work for November! Please sign up to be a volunteer — We will have some fun events and opportunities for you to be a part of!

Isaac Latterell

John Thune details Obama’s plan to “Boost gasoline prices to match the price in Europe”

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John Thune details the statements made by Obama and his director of energy on their plan to “boost gasoline prices” and how they are being successful in their goal to make energy prices “skyrocket”

This is astounding, and completely opposite of the goals and needs of all reasonable Americans.

Was the White House buying votes for Obamacare?

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A detailing of the millions of dollars earmarked by the white house for moderate democrat members of congress whose constituents opposed Obamacare and other unpopular legislative efforts.

Click here to read article