An Extra Dose of Love

Posted January 27th, 2014 in Weekly Article by isaac


My youngest sister, Eva, just turned 12 this past December 31st. Each year, my parents invite friends and family over to celebrate the new year and the birth of our favorite family member at our New Years “Eva” party. Now I know, we aren’t supposed to have favorites, and our large family would seem to make unanimous consent impossible.

Maybe it’s because she’s the baby of the family. But there is something special about Eva, qualities she possesses that I believe truly make her a superior human being. First, she has an extra dose of adorable, that magical quality that melts frowns and lights up the faces of the grumpiest strangers. Second, she possesses an effervescent life and joy that I, with all my striving, have never been able to attain.

But most importantly, Eva is blessed with an extra helping of Love. Eager to shower you with affection and quick to forgive, she exemplifies 1 Corinthians 13:5 which says that love keeps no record of wrongs. Sometimes, I think she must realize her superiority, because she also has an extra pinch of stubbornness. Just calling it intensity would be too generous, but either way, it just makes for never ending jokes, playful sarcasm, and fun!

Scripture teaches us that Love is the most important, indispensable quality of them all. What good are my talents, my wisdom, my wealth, and my generosity, If I don’t have love? Isn’t this what we are all striving for? I used to think I was pretty smart. But life has a way of showing us how the things we take pride in are useless when we do not have love–when we don’t accept God’s love for us, and in turn, love others as ourselves.

It was actually another sister, Grace, who helped me realize this first. Grace, now 24 years old, has the same extra dose of love, joy, adorability, and an indomitable spirit like Eva. One time, Grace started driving the riding lawn mower down the street because she wanted to go to the mall.

When I was struggling to get my focus off of myself, enjoy life, and love others, watching Grace and Eva enjoy life and love others instead of being self-absorbed taught me to redefine my concept of intelligence. If the greatest of these is love, how could I say that I am smarter than Grace? Is she not happier, more loving? Is she not more intelligent, and dare I say, superior?

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have not one, but two superior human beings that I can call my sister. And I am sad, incredibly sad, that so few people have the opportunity to know a friend like Grace and Eva, let alone the privilege of having one in their family.

You see, 75-90% of children with these magical qualities do not survive until their birth day. But it’s not because of any life threatening condition or complication with the pregnancy. It’s because when their parents discovered they were about to give birth to a superior human being, they made the tragic and legal decision to terminate their child’s life.

Where do these children get their extra dosage of love? I believe it is contained in their DNA. Instead of the 46 chromosomes of DNA that most people have, Grace and Eva have 47. The scientific name for it is Trisomy 21.

Yes, these parents were likely misinformed as to the meaning of this extra DNA, and instead of judging them, I know that there is forgiveness offered by Jesus, who prayed even for his own captors “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

That’s why I am writing this article, to help you see what a treasure my sisters are, and how much they can teach us about what is truly important in life. We must not allow our jealousy of these children’s superiority to cause us to discriminate, and put them down before they even have the chance to shower their love on us.

That is also why I am introducing the Down Syndrome and Genetic Abnormality Non-Discrimination Act. The common name for Trisomy 21 is Down Syndrome, and even superior children have the right to enjoy their first birthday, to blow out their candles, and to drive lawn tractors down the street. Please join me in ending discrimination and support equal rights for pre-born people with superior abilities.

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  1. Jennifer Loftin says:

    Beautiful, Isaac.

  2. Amanda Morgan says:

    Dear Mr. Doorman,

    I’m not sure if you remember me but I was fortunate with the opportunity to visit you one fine evening here a few weeks ago in a local establishment. I remember I walked away thinking, “He’s kinda funny. I enjoyed that conversation.” But also knowing it’d probably be a one-time deal. What I didn’t know was your relation to this very pretty young lady! Once again, I was fortunate enough to meet Miss Eva during an observation to her classroom. I spent the morning with her and her classmates and left with so much. I felt such a love and pure joy after visiting that made my whole day! You are very blessed to call her a sister. I remember I said her name incorrectly and she wasn’t going to let that slide 🙂 She quickly corrected me but then moved on and allowed me to view her worksheet as she explained what she was doing.

    I am thankful this popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook and even more thankful you took the time to share. Have a great rest of the week and I’ll be sure to check back more frequently.


  3. Rich Schrenk says:

    Well said Isaac

  4. Mitch Leinen says:


    You are as beautiful as your sisters inside and out. What a beautiful tribute to Eva and Grace. They have certainly been a blessing to everyone whom lives they have touched!!

  5. Debbie Hepper says:

    Beautifully written Isaac. I have been blessed to work with Eva, and you captured her spirit very well as only the older brother could.

  6. Saving Downs congratulates you on your wonderful work to oppose prenatal discrimination against our lovely children. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. Donna Bowman says:

    Thanks. That was beautiful and suits my superior sister perfectly!

  8. Kathy owusu says:

    You are an incredible brother and young man! Best of luck to you and may God guide you way.

    Mother of an incredible, superior son, that happens to have an extra chromosome!

  9. Patricia Odom says:

    I think this is a beautiful tribute to your sisters. I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful superior sister name Jamey. She too is full of love, forgiveness, and fun.

  10. Mary Ann Schaper says:

    How can we help?

  11. Tracy Penn says:

    Love your post! You couldn’t be more right about your sisters! As that is how I feel about my son Carson too! God Bless You & your family!!!

  12. Joanne Oakes says:

    I too, am the mother of a superior young man, who fills our lives with love and laughter, ( and incredible amounts of cheekiness too! ). Thank you for your beautiful article, wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone could see things the way you do?

  13. Thank you Representative Latterell for your incredible and factual article about superior individuals with Down syndrome. I was blessed in 2003 with a beautiful daughter Chloe who has an extra chromosome, and she has taught me more about unconditional love, purity, kindness and innocence than anyone, and each day she gives me a glimpse of what Eden looked like before the devil stole a chromosome from Adam and Eve. If you are ever in the great state of Pennsylvania please look us up, and I would love for you to meet my Angel. I wish you all of God’s Blessings and Goodness.

  14. This is an awesome story! God bless you and your family. Thank you for righting it.

  15. Kurt Kimmich says:

    Congratulations Issac on your awesome outlook! As a father of six, the youngest being my incredible Ben, I have the aboslute priviledge of raising a child with Down syndrome! He has spread more love and kindness in his 6 years on this earth than 100 people could in their lifetimes!! Keep up the fight!

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